Service Agreement

Standard Terms and Conditions




If the Placed Candidate’s employment with The Client terminates within ninety (90) days (the “Guarantee Period”), a suitable replacement (the “Replacement Candidate”) will be provided. This guarantee is for one Replacement Candidate and is conditional on the Client respecting Quantum’s payment terms (see “Billing” below). Terminations arising from work shortages, layoffs, employer/employee relocation, and any other reason beyond the control of Quantum or the Placed Candidate are not covered under this guarantee policy. In all cases, should The Client defer hiring a Replacement Candidate, the credit for a Replacement Candidate will be valid for a period of one (1) year from the termination date of the Placed Candidate. Any increase in placement fees, which may result when a Replacement Candidate is employed by The Client, will be invoiced to The Client. Any reduction, which may result, is treated as a credit towards the next placement made at The Client.

Referral Policy

The Client is obliged to pay the Fee if any candidate presented by Quantum is employed by the Client or any of its affiliated businesses or subsidiaries in any position within twelve (12) months from the date of presentation.

Candidate Ownership

Once a candidate’s resume or profile has been submitted, it is the client’s responsibility to highlight any discrepancies in regards to candidate ownership. If the candidate applied to the client within the six (6) month period prior to Quantum’s submission (with supporting documentation), the referral will not be considered a Quantum candidate. Once interviews have been scheduled, both parties agree that the candidate is being represented through Quantum and is a Quantum referral.


  1. Fees are invoiced on the date of the selected Candidate’s acceptance of the offer of employment.
  2. Invoices must be paid within thirty (30) days of the start date of the Placed Candidate’s employment with the Client.
  3. The Client must give notice in writing to Quantum detailing full particulars regarding any termination of a Placed Candidate’s or Replacement Candidate’s employment.



General Terms and Conditions

Complete terms and conditions are outlined on Quantum’s standard timesheet and include the following:

  1. Personnel assigned to the Mandate are considered employees of Quantum (“Quantum’s Employee”).
  2. Clients are billed only for hours worked at the rate(s) agreed upon.
  3. All benefit costs are paid by Quantum, including deductions at source, vacation pay, CSST/WSIB, and applicable statutory holidays.
  4. Billable hours will be tracked on a weekly basis and are subject to the client’s approval. Depending on placement volume, either:
    • Each employee will complete an individual timesheet and submit it to the client for verification and approval; or
    • A blank “master” timesheet will be sent directly to the client for completion, covering multiple employees on assignment.

By approving the timesheet(s), the Client acknowledges its acceptance of Quantum’s Service Agreement.


If the employee proves to be unsatisfactory and is released within the first four (4) hours of their assignment, Quantum will not invoice the Client for the employee’s time, provided that the Client informs Quantum to replace the employee.

Referral Policy

Should the Client, or any affiliated business or subsidiary, wish to hire Quantum’s Employee within twelve (12) months from the candidate referral, subject to the provisions of legislation governing the jurisdiction of employment, the Client must notify Quantum of such employment. The Client’s obligation to Quantum may then be satisfied by paying all Fees to date plus a temporary-to-permanent Conversion Fee (see conversion policy below).

Temporary-to-Permanent Conversion

Should the Client wish to convert a Quantum temporary employee to permanent status, a conversion fee may apply. Conversion fees and associated guarantee periods are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account both the nature and level of the position, as well as the length of the Quantum Employee’s service to date. (Please note that Quantum treats every client relationship with the utmost transparency and has established a conversion policy that ensures the Client never pays more for the conversion of a temporary employee than they would have been charged if the employee were hired on a permanent basis at the outset.)


  1. Fees are billed each week upon receipt of the timesheet.
  2. Quantum’s terms are net when rendered.
  3. The Client must advise Quantum detailing full particulars regarding any termination of Quantum Employee’s assignment.
  4. In the event that employer contributions and/or minimum wage should increase, Quantum reserves the right to increase billing amounts accordingly.
  5. Quantum will pay for overtime hours and Statutory Holidays worked by the Assigned Employee according to and at the rates prescribed by the appropriate provincial employment standards. Billing amounts to the Client will be increased by the same factor as the pay rate to the Assigned Employee for overtime hours worked.



Credit Approval

The terms of the agreement and Quantum’s fulfillment of the Mandate are conditional upon credit approval.


In accordance with prevailing legislation, Quantum is fully committed to and adheres to the standards of workplace violence and harassment, health and safety, employment equity, privacy protection, and accessibility for workers with disabilities. In partnering with Quantum, the Client commits to provide a work environment for our employees within legislative requirements.